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On a roll after 3 weeks intense training

October 22, 2007

Dad just got back from a 3 week work trip, so I thought I’d surprise him with new tricks that I’ve been practising very hard.

Here is my plan:

  1. I utilise a wide range of new noises, including high pitched squealing, so I can instantly get his attention.
  2. When he comes running in and gives me attention, I don’t just smile, but giggle and laugh instead.
  3. He’ll then stay to play with me, but instead of just watching the toys I’ll now reach out and grab them from his hand.
  4. Last of all, he’ll flip me over for tummy time. That’s the cue for my grand finalie… Rolling!

I’d particularly like to thank Mum for taking such great care of me while Dad was away. She is always patient and attentive, constantly helps with my training and produces the yummiest milk!

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