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One small crawl for Eli, one giant leap for household safety

February 20, 2008

On Monday night, I learned some things…

The lounge room is connected to the hallway. The hallway is connected to the dining room. The dining room is connected to the office. The office is next to the bedroom. And, I can follow Mum into the kitchen!

While dancing, reversing and short sprints have been my focus until now; tonight Dad and I went on a crawling exploration of the whole house.

I admit that I hesitated for a moment before leaving the lounge room for the first time, but man that hallway floor is slippery. I also admit that I have to stop for a breather every few metres, but Dad’s legs are a lot longer than mine. But, I will say this … I’ve crawled everywhere man, I’ve crawled everywhere!

Mum, Dad, you are on notice… I now know the layout of the house. I know that I can follow you places. I can crawl into bins, I can find powerpoints, I can reprogram your home theatre system, I love pulling cables and I will slam my fingers in drawers.

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