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12 and a half months and I have a lot to say…

May 27, 2008
  • I am getting smart. I realise that most meals are followed by something sweet (fruit, yoghurt or custard) and have started holding out for the sweet stuff at the end.
  • I’m starting to get particular about which foods I will and won’t eat. I don’t usually like anything new the first time, but once it is familiar I will happily eat it. Although Mum – I really don’t like mushrooms, so please stop giving them to me 🙂
  • I can high-five, wave and occasionally I will blow kisses. This isn’t new though!
  • I am going through a beautiful period where I go down to sleep like an angel in the evening – without even talking to myself for a few minutes first. However, we’re still negotiating over where I need one sleep or two during the day….
  • I often get in fits of giggles, particularly when I am playing with dad or am over-tired.
  • I love standing up in my high chair even though mum & dad don’t like me to 😦
  • I’m very chatty, I’ve got a lot to say! I can say he-llo, mum, dad, bob, bub…its a fun game to try and say what you are saying.
  • In fact I love saying: bob bob bob bob bob bob…mum wants to know who Bob is?
  • I’ve started singing in the shower. Who did I inherit that from?
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