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16 months on

September 8, 2008
  • Mum still can’t give me pig tails. She bought me some cool sparkly clips but unfortunately they just fall out. One day I will have enough hair to wear them…..
  • My favourite food is watermelon.
  • I’ve got too much to do to snuggle in in the mornings anymore. Mum is devastated!
  • I am back to being a good sleeper.
  • Mum can’t count when it comes to teeth! I have sixteen – the front 8, 4 double teeth and the four corner (canine?) teeth. I can eat pretty much anything now!
  • I love the Wiggles, bags, music and slippery dips.
  • I can put the balls in piles of colours. Particularly the blue ones – I love a bag full of the blue balls.
  • I am a good helper. I help put things on the table for dinner and I help rub in the baby powder and paw paw cream. I like to help with my shoes and socks but I am better at taking them off than I am at putting them on – I am working on it though 🙂
  • My words are getting better every day – including mum, dad, more, ta, up, ball, bot bot (bottle), bath, wall (dad taught me this important one). He was also trying to teach me socks – but that is a hard one!
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