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@ 20 Months

January 9, 2009
  • I have all sorts of new interests and am still very busy…
  • I am very snuggly at the moment and love cuddles. I am blowing lots of kisses too 🙂
  • I love dollies and have started taking two to bed with me. I usually don’t mind which ones I take but currently Doh-Doh (the elephant) and Sox (the monkey) are my favourites.
  • I am getting way better at interacting with other kids.
  • Hair has become a constant battle with mum… My fringe is so long it hangs in my eyes. Mum keeps wanting to put sparkly clips in my hair to keep my fringe out of my eyes, but I like to pull it out as soon as she puts in. Oh the fun we have been having!
  • I now sleep in a big bed.
  • I will eat when I feel like it but food is not really a priority for me. I still LOVE milk bottles.
  • I am starting learn what fear is thanks to a crash on the slippery dip and a flying leap when bouncing on my new bed.
  • I still love The Wiggles, Dora the Explorer and playing in parks.
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