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2.11 months: …and three here I come

April 8, 2010
  • I understand birthdays (with candles and presents!) and can’t wait for my birthday next month!
  • My words surprise mum every day. Although it is often my pronunciation that lets me down.
  • I take very good care of “baby”. Some days she is a he and others he is a she…but either way I love her and always make sure whe has her dummy.
  • I don’t mind wearing my hair up if you tell me that you will do it the same as mum’s or Milly’s.
  • I love pretend games. They always include ice-creams, bears or “crocodiles biting you”!
  • I will show people I like them by saying “Do you want to be my friend?”
  • I love books and stories but am getting a bit old for – gasp – Dora! I like watching movies now instead. Last thing at night before I go to bed I like to wind down by sitting and cuddling on the couch with a good movie (or twenty minutes of one). I am also allowed to watch TV first thing in the morning (but not during the day!). All up I get a good hour but I could watch it very happily all day if you let me.
  • I still really enjoy playcare and playing with my friends there. Particularly Sophie, Daniel & Thomas.
  • My fingernails and toe nails are permanently blue as they are on an almost daily painting schedule. I think mum and dad may have a few more colours planned for my birthday. Cassie my swimming teacher always has blue nails and so I don’t know that I need any other colours. Although Milly had on orange last time I saw her….
  • As Lachie gets older and more interactive I am having more and more fun playing with him. We can do a little bit of independant play together (when dad is watching over us….but with mum she closely supervises!)
  • I am very independant. One of my favourite phrases is “I do it myself” – which I like to use when you are trying to do things for me that I know I can do.
  • I love dresses and skirts and hate singlets and shoes.
  • My favourite colour is blue.
  • My perfect place would be one that was full of blue flowing dresses, TV and chicken nuggets!
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