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A Beautiful Maple Tree

August 30, 2011

Once upon a time, across the street there was a beautiful happy tree.

Then Irene came to visit. At first it looked as if Irene had left only one broken branch behind.

Then another branch went…and another…

And soon there were more ear piecing cracking noises as more branches started taking death dives.

Concerned about our neighbour’s house (as they had called around to a friend’s house for a shower as they had neither water or electricity), we called the local “non-urgent” hurricane hotline to ensure that it didn’t fall on their house.

Maplewood’s finest called over…

…and called the fire department to have a look…

The beautiful tree was selfless as she lay on her death-bed, as she helped keep our cabin fever at bay on Sunday…

She is but one of the many old beautiful casualties of Irene 😦

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