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Lachlan @ 2.7 years

October 2, 2011

A bundle of energy and go go go!

* Kind hearted yet mischievous. Thoughtful in the little things like remembering everyone’s names.

* Loves to tackle anything that moves. Or that doesn’t move. He definitely loves a bit of rough and tumble.

* Favourite foods are pizza, cheese, hot dogs & yoghurt.

* Loves books, cars, trains and anything with wheels.

* Loves singing and music.

* Is very social and loves being the centre of attention.

* Loves to dress up as Superman, Buzz Lightyear or Woody.

* Loves to quote movie lines. Lachie to Nathan randomly one morning: Hi there well groomed man! (from Toy Story)

* Loves watching Pixar’s cars movies, Shrek & Thomas the Tank Engine.

* Loves to play with sticks and add a bit of a bush walk to any outing.

Is lots of fun to have around!

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