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What a scramble!

April 20, 2012

We threw caution (well planning) to the wind and decided to stay an extra night in Houston and go to the Galveston County Fair.

Nathan thought we were off on a wild goose chase when I had the GPS set for the closest county road and headed into the middle of the field. The fact that it was bucketing down and muggy didn’t really help my cause, but we gave it a go anyway!

We checked out the winning pigs, cows, calves, bulls, goats, chickens, turkeys and rabbits – that had been jusged thus far…

Proud owners…

We saw a few more being judged…

Then we skipped the carnival rides in favour of the main arena where the real action was taking place! There was the mandatory anthem to start proceedings…

We saw the judging of Little Miss and Mr, and junior Miss and Mr of the show…

Eli even had the honour of having her photo taken with Miss Show.

There were bucking horses…

Steer roping…
(see the last photo – we checked the steers at the end and they were all fine and happy to play in the game)

…and our favourite – the scramble!
(For those who haven’t seen a scramble before it is awesome to watch. Basically the local children compete to catch a goat. There are more kids than goats. Those who catch one get the goat and $200 to raise the goat. Then they bring it back to the show the following year for judging, to see who has done the best job raising it. The schedule said that it was meant to be a pig scramble ut it was actually a goat scramble on the night. Apparently they couldn’t find enough baby pigs. This was unfortunate for those involved because unlike pigs, baby goats have sharp little horns.)

If the sign of a good night is the state of your shoes…we sure had a good time!

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