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The deer to the rescue

September 15, 2012

After ballet and karate, there were still high energy levels in the house and so we thought we’d go to South Mountain Reserve for a bike ride. This is a beautiful sectioned off road at the top of south mountain a few minutes from our house.

Eli had her bike. Lachie had his scooter. Mum was running interference.

Eli is getting pretty good at her bike and so usually stays within line of sight.
Lachie can get up quite an impressive speed on his scooter.

All was going well: a few minor stacks, a few reminders to keep to the side, a few hushes you’re scaring away all the wildlife and interrupting everyone’s quiet stroll in the woods.

When Lachie had a stack.
The first one to reach him was Elimena.
The second one to reach him was a resident deer.
The third one to reach him was mum.

A nice thing about this spot, is that it is not unusual to see deers and other wildlife 🙂
Mum’s just hoping that we don’t have a native black bear to our rescue one day!

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