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Power + Snow + Amazing Neighbours

November 7, 2012

The day started off well.  It only me two hours to get to work 🙂

Then at lunchtime we got a call from our neighbours to tell us that the power was on – YAY!

If we had power on, we wanted to go home but we had a hotel booked for the next two nights… It was 1:30pm in the afternoon but I called our hotel to see if we could cancel at least the next night (but hopefully two nights) as we no longer needed the room. They let us out of both nights without charging us – Thank you!
(They said that they would have no problems finding alternative occupants)

All sorted – we will head home 🙂
(our neighbours had better not be wrong!)

The storm started mid-afternoon.

Nathan, Eli + Lachie made it home at normal time 🙂

Bianca finished work at 5pm and headed to Port Authority (eek one of the most horrible places in Manhattan). On previous visits the waiting lines for buses had been hours long, but tonight she was on a bus in 25 minutes. While on the bus she realised how heavy it was snowing and did not look forward to the 1.7 mile walk. As the bus went through the dodgy back streets of Newark and Irvington, she asked the other passengers if anyone was going to Maplewood. It turned out that the man behind her was. She asked if he was being picked up. He was. She asked if minded giving her a lift. He said sure and asked her where she wanted to go in Maplewood. She said anywhere as she was happy just to get closer to home! After polite too-ing and fro-ing she ended up accepting a lift all the way to her house. Then when he found each other’s addresses – we were amazed to find out we only lived three doors away from each other. We were practically neighbours. I was lucky enough to get a lift all the way home and meet a kind friendly neighbour. There is nothing like a storm for bringing people together!


We were back in our home – heat + electicity (no food as yet) but all was looking good again 🙂

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