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Alligators galore!

April 10, 2013

The mission was to avoid the heat and see an alligator. Mission accomplished…mostly:)

Today we were driving from Miami Beach to Sanibel Island:


The first stop was an amazing two hour tram ride in the Everglades along Skark Valley Loop Road. We saw alligators and a snake and alligators and turtles and alligators and birds and alligators. It was excellent.



There was a tower at the midway point with an awesome view of the Everglades…


Next we stopped at the Big Cypress National Preserve Welcome Center. We were hopeing to see a Manatee but had no luck unfortunately.


Then on to lunch at the Oyster House in Everglades City. There 3 of us tried alligator – the less common white meat.


Before taking an airboat ride at Wooten’s. Unfortunately we didn’t see any alligaotors (just one in the zoo at the entrance). We had both fun and scary moments zipping around the swamp.


Before checking in to our hotel. A quick walk around the hotel found us loads of lizards and a snake, and so Lachie was happy with our choice.
Finally we headed to the Island Cow for a very yummy dinner and games.


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