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Home to relax

April 14, 2013

Bribery is alive and well in our household. Mum smartly or stupidly told Lachie that if he was well behaved on the flight home we’d plants some tomatoes and strawberries when we got home.

The result…he was an angel. So what happened??? After getting home, unpacking, putting washing on, we ducked down to the local hardware shop and bought some tomato and strawberry plants. Followed by planting watering and then finally the all important worm hunt to find worms to create nutritious soil for the all the fruit the poor plants would be bearing.

Not quite the relaxing afternoon that might have been nice, but Lachie the avid gardener was thrilled 🙂

VeggiePlanting Worm Man

Mum needs to think through her bribery techniques next time, but on a 6:15am flight out of Tampa – logic is not always a strength. It was lots of fun though 🙂

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