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Exploring Long Island’s North Shore

July 28, 2013

Homeward bound via Long Island’s North shore.


First stop was a crazy moooo-style breakky at Maureen’s Kitchen.
We decided to try something new, Mom ordered corn beef hash and gave it the thumbs up.
Against guidance , Eli ordered grapefruit juice which unsurprisingly got the thumbs down 😉


Next was a scenic drive through <> before stopping at Cold SPring Harbor’s Fish Hatchery & Aquarium. It was interesting to see the fish at the different life stages.
Lachie loved the reptiles,
Mom the turtles,
Eli the fish
and Dad the sun 🙂


Our final stop was at the Old Westbury Gardens an absolutely magnificent old mansion and with beautiful to the utmost detail gardens:


One hour later, we were home mid-afternoon with plenty of time to get ready for a busy week.  Check out this shot from our nav-man…


Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as hot as we had hoped and so our beach weekend had turned more into a sightseeing weekend – but it was still lots of fun.

Our taste of Long Island trip has left us with the desire to go back and see many of the intriguing areas in more detail. But which to choose first?

Notes for B: when we go back to Long Island (it is only 90 minutes away after all) – go to:

  • Lobster Pot for the Lobster roll  ()
  • See the big duck (how could we have missed this?)
  • Amagansett Farmers Market for brunch
  • Indian Wells beach & Atlantic Avenue Park – if the weather is nice.
  • Shelter Island
  • when the kids finally get driver’s licenses we should come back and do the wineries!
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