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Cape Cod Day 1: Home to Narrangansett RI

August 30, 2013

First stop of the day was Lachie’s new school for orientation – to meet Lachie’s new PreK teacher (Miss Sue Ann) and to see his classroom (the Tiger room!).
Then we were off!


Our first stop was New Haven which included a walk around Yale and New Haven Green. Besides the stunning architecture…


…the surprising highlight was the Yale Art Gallery.  Not only is it free, has an amazing collection but as we found out half way through you can take pictures!


After a quick snack from the Slider Food Truck we were off again…
(what a gourmet menu for a food truck – yummo!)

FoodTruck FoodTruckMenu

Next stop Mystic, Connecticut. A very cute little town. Unfortunately our slider snack killed all appetite for Mystic Pizza. instead we went for a walk through town, had a play in the park and saw the cute drawbridge raised.


Unfortunately poor Eli was a little off color and so we headed to the hotel in Narragansett, Rhode Island for some quiet time.


On the drive to dinner we saw the Narranganset Pier & Towers…


We had a yummy dinner at Buster Krab’s Burger Shack
(Lachie & Eli’s dinner came in green cardboard cars and there was a mermaid coming through the roof?)


A quick peek at Wheeler Beach…


A stroll around Point Judith to check out the Lighthouse and rock towers. Eli even made a rock tower (ahem face) of her own…


Then dessert (ice cream!) at Aunt Carrie’s on the Beach before turning in 🙂


A great start to our holiday 🙂

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