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Cape Cod Day 9: Brewster to Hartford

September 7, 2013

It was time to start the journey home 😦 but let’s not let that stop us from having more fun!


Breakfast was at our new favourite place – Jo Mama’s Bagels. Yummo! Then we were off.

Not far along in the car, Eli lost her third tooth (and three more are wiggly!). See the earlier post for piccies 🙂

Our first stop was at Springfield MA, to see the Dr Suess Sculpture garden. There were sculptures from his different books – see if you can work out which one is from which!
(Who knew that  Dr. Suess – who is on constant rotation in our house – was born in Springfield MA, so we had to make a slight detour to pay homage)

Photos 018Photos 021Photos 017Photos 029Photos 031Photos 035Photos 034Photos 025Photos 027Photos 036

This unusual bridge and power plant right in the middle of the Springfield town made us wonder if this is the Springfield, USA where the Simpsons television show is based…

Photos 047Photos 050

The day was then spent at Six Flags New England (Eli’s birthday passes just keep on giving!)

Photos 053

We then drove the final half hour of our trip to Hartford CT in the late afternoon. After a brief rest we went for a walk around town and Bushnell Park

Photos 091Photos 082Photos 078Photos 096Photos 098Photos 092Photos 094Photos 067  Photos 060Photos 074Photos 064

which included a roll down the hill at the Capitol building
(reminding us of our roll down the hill at Parliament House in Canberra with Gma)

Photos 075Photos 077

Yummy dinner at City Steam Brewery Café.
(L quite taken with Virginia our very nice hostess)

CitySteamBreweryPhotos 105

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