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Today’s a great day to be a Superhero

October 13, 2013

Today we went into the city for the NY Comic Con.

Although we looked a little unusual on the train & NYC streets on the way in…


We felt most at home when we got there 🙂

There was so much to see, like the Awesome Artists Alley…

ArtisitsAlleyPhotos 047Photos 050Photos 048

The kids room

Photos 017Photos 018

The Show Rooms (including loads of stuff made out of lego)

Photos 072Photos 074Photos 062Photos 080Photos 083Photos 078Photos 076Photos 091Photos 093

Even the bag check for the guests was cute!
(others had been smarter and gotten dressed there – NOT at home!)

Photos 105

Random guests & friends we made

Photos 019Photos 028Photos 034Photos 037Photos 085Photos 039Photos 087Photos 058Photos 066Photos 052

Notably they were celebrating 75 years of Superman 🙂

Photos 108

In the words of Comic Con – Today’s a great day to be a superhero!
Photos 067

We had a great time 🙂

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