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Hoooowling in Lakota

October 27, 2013

Today we headed up to The Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia NJ.
(just at the base of the Poconos)


We saw stunning fall foliage:


Packs of Timber, Artic and Tundra wolves:
(who howled and put on quite a show. Luckily for us they were behind fences but the fences make for fuzzy photos. Although Bianca did have a good time playing with the settings on her camera trying to get rid of them)


Two red foxes:
(we learnt it doesn’t have to be red in colour to be in the “Red” fox family)


Two stocky bob-cats:


And Two unfenced cheeky rascals:


We came across a family of deer on the trek back down the hill for our picnic:
(there was another dad & his daughter there, who kindly shared their deer food – apples & sweet potato)


and a fish-filled lake:


It was lots of fun!


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