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Madagascar’s the best!

January 18, 2014

For World Day Lachie’s room became part of Madagascar.
What an awesome job the Tigers did 🙂

Piccies 003Piccies 008Piccies 017Piccies 004Piccies 007Piccies 014Piccies 010

Each class learnt about a different country

Piccies 032Piccies 033Piccies 039Piccies 040

We also saw his good friend Scarlett there

Piccies 042

Tried foods from around the workd and saw a reptile show.
We even got to touch a striking yellow snake & tutle.

Piccies 046 Piccies 047

On the way home we saw Ann, Mike & the triplets and got to go on a carriage ride around Maplewood with them.
(One of their friends had hired it for a birthday party)

Piccies 049Piccies 050Piccies 053Piccies 054

Another fun day in Maplewood 🙂

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