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Staycation Day 3: The Boardwalk

April 21, 2014

Nothing says Atlantic City quite like the boardwalk…

Photos 036Photos 058Photos 044Photos 056Photos 061Photos 072Photos 051Photos 063Photos 068Photos 077Photos 087Photos 082Photos 083Photos 094Photos 096Photos 097Photos 101Photos 103Photos 107Photos 115Photos 116Photos 111Photos 121Photos 132Photos 137Photos 145Photos 148

Rest assured, there was time for bug hunting…

Photos 141

You may notice that the casino part of the hotels, don’t have windows…

Eli gets the most impressive effort award for the day. As she walked the length of the boardwalk (1.9 miles – twice today!)

After we walked the boardwalk, we grabbed lunch and then the jitney home…

Photos 152Photos 153

for a nice deserved rest.

Photos 162

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