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Gatun Lake

July 6, 2014

We stepped out of our room and Eli spotted an ant-eater.  Awesome job little-bear! Not to be out done, Lachie then started spotting birds faster than I could see them.
(My job as a parent is done! E+L can appreciated the finer things in life)

After a leisurely breakfast (we are on holidays after all!)

Photos 003Photos 005

We took a boat trip around the canal on Gatun Lake.

Photos 015Photos 033

We saw huge ships…

Photos 180Photos 167

seriously cool massive machinery for maintaining the canal

Photos 171Photos 164

and navigating the canal

Photos 194Photos 193Photos 186Photos 196

playful tamarins

Photos 075Photos 086

a snoozing baby crocodilo

Photos 118

a hesitant hiding howler monkey

Photos 127

curious capuchin monkeys

Photos 141Photos 150

birds galore

Photos 050

Beautiful scenery

Photos 189Photos 042

It was amazing!
Then back to our hotel for lunch and a swim.

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