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Isla Coiba = Paradise

July 13, 2014

After a very *bumpy* morning the day turned out spectacularly.


Within minutes of getting past the Coastguard I spotted a couple of dolphins.  Our luck had changed 🙂 Then there was a turtle, then another, fish galore…!
Before an amazing snorkel at Golden Grain Island where we saw a white tip shark, thousands of fish and Nathan saw another turtle. Awesome!

Photos 167Photos 023Photos 027Photos 037Photos 040Photos 045

To the ANAM huts to check out where we were staying for the night

Photos 052Photos 048Photos 046Photos 054Photos 060Photos 061

Then off dolphin spotting

Photos 068Photos 076Photos 078Photos 079Photos 081Photos 088

Before reaching Sendero Los Pizos for a super-steamy hike to see the hot springs

Photos 092 Photos 095Photos 100Photos 101Photos 108Photos 114

Then a ride up the canal spotting scarlet macaws…

Photos 125Photos 131Photos 147Photos 134Photos 148Photos 136Photos 153Photos 158Photos 157

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