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Coiba: The snorkelfest & chatting with hermits continues

July 14, 2014

Still utterly amazing!

Awoken by Lachie trying to get comfortable in the *comfy* beds.

Awoken by the air-con going off when the generator ran out of fuel.

Awoken by howler monkeys at dawn.

There are only SO many times you can go back to sleep (even for Bianca!).
We were ready for a new day not long after! The Capuchin monkeys and agoitis were also up and playing outside our room 🙂

Breakky + chilling out with our new friends 🙂

Photos 001Photos 012Photos 013Photos 015Photos 019Photos 020Photos 028Photos 030Photos 038 Photos 048

More snorkeling, this time on Isla Rancheria

Photos 053Photos 056 Photos 059Photos 061Photos 073Photos 076

Another snorkel – this time around bird poo island!
(aptly named by the kids 🙂  )

Photos 080Photos 088Photos 102Photos 105 Photos 107 Photos 112

Lunch with the hermit crabs
(man! these cute little guys are everywhere – much to the kids delight!)

Photos 118Photos 121Photos 124Photos 127Photos 128Photos 129Photos 131Photos 100

And back to the mainland where we were dropped back to our hotel. Again we saw Oli (whom E+L proclaimed as the best surfer in the world!)…

Photos 140

Then we tracked down our transfer and it was off to El Valle. He promised our transfer would take 3 hours, it took 5.5 hours (grumble grumble).
Luckily we had a quick stop at Maccas mid-trip to tie the kids over. Yes Panama – we haven’t quite found your best eateries – but we’ve found other amazing stuff!


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