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Final thoughts and learnings from Panama….

July 20, 2014

Thanks Panama – we had a ball!

  • 16 days = 14 days of swimming + 1 chilly day in the mountains + 1 day home on plane. Not a bad effort for my little fish 🙂
  • Way too many “hamburguesas con queso” for mum! Whilst it wasn’t quite a culinary-road-trip, at least no one got sick 🙂
  • Panama = Animal heaven: we saw 50+ dolphins, 100+ monkeys, 1000+ crabs (mainly hermit crabs), 8+ sloths, 1000+ fish, turtles, birds galore, frogs of all colours, lizards, crocodilos, 1000000+ bugs – and more!
  • The Panama people are helpful and very friendly.
  • Kindles are by far the best present we’ve ever given the kids.
  • Our priorities when booking accomodation (not totally impossible to find):
    N: Queen sized bed (his feet stick out the end of a double / full)
    E+L: a pool
    B: a convenient location
  • 2 pairs of shoes are not enough in the rainly season!
  • Rain may slow your pace but won’t get in the way of much if you don’t let it.
  • You can’t control when & where the turtles are going to nest and later hatch. Even in the peak season 😦
  • Lachie broke the shackles on his fussier eating style. Besides being able to make do with whatever we find (eek!) or get offered on tour, he now loves buffet breakfasts, chicken nuggets and pancakes – welcome to the family!
  • Eli & Lachie’s swimming improved in leaps and bounds. Eli: you can now let her swim with her friends while keeping an eye on her from a deck chair! Lachie: can now take breaths (3!) while swimming, do a couple of strokes of overarm, and swim across a pool (6 meters) unassisted. The improvement in Eli & Lachie’s swimming was incredible to watch. They can both now snorkel too!
  • We didn’t come to Panama for the food (particularly as mum is the only one who truely loves seafood)
  • DEET 100 really does work. Even with the oil slick left behind. Luckily we escaped with very few bites. Even more luckily we escaped without any diseases, sickness or ails – nothing worse than a blister from Eli’s fins. Phew!
  • Travel is easier when you move at the pace of the location you are in, not at the pace you want to go!
  • Bianca is super proud of Eli & Lachie’s Spanish interactions. They tried really hard and did an awesome job!
  • Nathan can drive anywhere as long as he has GPS! Including through torrential rain, around car-sized pot holes and amongst traffic driving 4-5 cars across a two lane road.
  • We took photos and surprisingly left nothing behind. This includes the special streamlined yet safe carseat that we bought for Lachie for the trip. We checked it in at Newark airport on the 5th July, it travelled around Panama separately from us for two weeks and then we picked it up back at Newark airport on the 20th July on our way home. It came back with some new scratches….hope it had fun too!

An awesome trip that we will remember for a long time 🙂

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  1. Lee permalink
    August 24, 2014 6:58 pm

    WOW what a great trip
    2 weeks of travel, 2 lifetimes of memories

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