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Fondue anyone?

August 2, 2014

It was about 2pm, some were still in pajamas and mum said enough! We gotta get out of da house.
After a quick look on-line, GroupOn had a Fondue deal going … so fondue it is!
We packed a bag, jumped in a car and we were off to Edgewater NJ.


First stop was Fort Lee Historic Park in the Palisades…
(see if you can spot the woodchuck in these photos!

Photos 033Photos 028Photos 030Photos 052Photos 036Photos 040Photos 075Photos 043Photos 065Photos 071

Where we could see the George Washington Bridge…
(double decker and 14 lane bridge!)

Photos 014Photos 081Photos 019Photos 038

A quick drive down to the dock to look at the view….

Photos 121Photos 119Photos 130Photos 129

Then dinner at That Fondue Place


A little walk (it was late and a little windy) along the forefront, showing the locals our ninja moves…

Photos 151Photos 162Photos 160Photos 153

Then home to catch fire-flies and bed. A fun little excursion 🙂


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