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The star of Anansi

August 28, 2014

Today we received the letters from Tuscan our local Elementary school, informing the Eli and Lachie who their teachers would be for the incoming school year…we had our fingers crossed that they would get good teachers and have some of their friends in their classes.

Tonight we saw the performance of Eli’s drama camp. She (of course!) was the star of the show Anansi:

Photos 011Photos 041Photos 083Photos 081

Lachie opened his letter whilst waiting for the show to start as we were sitting next to Amsterdam who was also in his class. I’m not sure if that is a look of surprise, fear or happiness?

Photos 002 Photos 001

Eli opened hers during dinner and she was very excited to hear Sammy one of her besties was also in the class.

Photos 093Photos 097

Then there was the mandatory celebratory dinner afterwards of Roman Gourmet pizza and Ice-cream…it doesn’t get any better at 7 and 5!

Photos 099Photos 109

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