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‘ello Govna

August 30, 2014

Today we thought we’d check out Governor’s Island, off the tip of Manhattan.


So we drove into lower Manhattan and got the ferry across from Battery Park. Governor’s Island was just a few minutes away by ferry and a kids paradise. After being devastated by Hurricane Sandy, it has been completely remodeled – it is now filled with a military base and green spaces.

It is full of historic monuments & buildings…

Photos 057Photos 062Photos 140Photos 167Photos 099Photos 210

…interesting sculptures…

Photos 054Photos 082Photos 101Photos 059Photos 077Photos 084

…Fort Jay…

Photos 048Photos 028Photos 030Photos 042

… numerous fun playgrounds dispersed around the island…

Photos 069Photos 071Photos 072Photos 079Photos 115Photos 110Photos 138
Photos 142Photos 150

Plus the food trucks come over on the weekends to feed the hungry crowds – yummo!

Photos 126Photos 122Photos 124Photos 125Photos 131Photos 137

There is even a quiet grove with hammocks spotted around it for recovery time.
(to keep the peace – only one person per hammock)

Photos 154Photos 164

Not to mention the awesome views back to Manhattan and of the big lady.

Photos 020Photos 185Photos 172Photos 171

A final stop at Castle Williams
(by then some of our feet were a little sore)

Photos 178Photos 188Photos 192Photos 196Photos 197Photos 199

It was a fun little excursion!


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