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October 7, 2014

Nathan’s email to our family this evening sums it up best…so for our own memories and to remind us of how lucky we are – I’m including a slightly edited version of it here 🙂


We wanted to let you know that Elimena is OK, but is in hospital tonight for observation (with Bianca by her side).

Over the weekend she developed HSP (Henoch Schonlein Purpura). Very late Mon night / Tues this lead to a complication called Intussusception.

 We spent the day at the Pediatrician / Hospital and she was in a *lot* of pain (when not on morphine). After various tests an ultrasound showed the Intussusception, which created a rather sudden & scary flurry of radiologists and surgeons.

 Thankfully, we believe it’s been successfully treated with a careful (and long) procedure using x-rays guided enema(s). Surgeons were watching in case of complications / that didn’t work, but were not required.

 Elimena was incredibly brave throughout, and is currently sleeping. They are monitoring her pain and vitals overnight and all going well we expect her to return home tomorrow evening.

 Lachlan was picked up by our wonderful friends Liz ( + John + Aoife + Riley). Luckily he is well and totally oblivious! He thinks he is getting a treat as he gets to play with A+R. Yes when you are five – it is all about you!

 Bianca & Nathan are worried, tired & cautiously optimistic for a smooth night.

 Love, NBE&L


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