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Animals of all kinds in this Kingdom

November 6, 2014

This morning we went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The three highlights were:

#1. The amazing and very clever Tree of Life which is made up of animals carved into the wood. These photos really don’t do it justice.


#2. The fun Lion King show

Photos 027Photos 009Photos 012Photos 013Photos 028Photos 026

#3 The fabulous animal safari

Photos 031Photos 036Photos 041Photos 059Photos 081Photos 086Photos 090Photos 096Photos 069

The final story from the morning is about the Everest ride. Grandma, Grandpa, Elimena, Lachlan and I (Bianca) climbed aboard a roller coaster called Mount Everest. The name should have been warning enough, but busily chatting we climbed aboard without giving it too much thought. We were off! The roller coast car climbed to what felt like the height of the real Mount Everest….then all you could see ahead of you was the track ending . Uh oh…at the height of Mount Everest you are hurtling towards a broken track…ay caramba! The car stops dead in its tracks just in time. Phew! For just a second, then it starts going backwards…hurtling backwards…NOOOOOOO!!!!! All I could think of was crap – Lachie is too small for this ride 😦 Why have I let him go on it??? Crapola! are we going go backwards all the way to the start? Mid-mild-panic, while clutching Elimena (because yes I can at least keep one of my children safe, because yes I have so much control over the outcome right now) the car stops again. Phew! The car takes off hurtling forwards again, a couple of high speed twists  and turns – a few safe super speedy loops around the mountain and we are back at the beginning my heart still racing. We climb out and our first words were:
Grandma: I wish I knew it was going to backwards 😦
Bianca: Me too. I also wish I hadn’t taken Lachie on that ride 😦
Grandpa: I knew it was going to go backwards.
Grandma + Bianca in unison somewhat loudly: WHAT? Thanks for the warning!
Lachie: That was EPIC!!!!
Elimena: Can we go again?
(unfortunately dad had to work this morning and couldn’t come along…perhaps we should bring him another day for this fun surprise?)


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