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Eli’s first horse ride (by herself!)

December 30, 2014

Story by Elimena

Eli got to ride a real horse at a ranch for a whole hour, steering too. By herself. It was up and down, long adventure. Eli got a boy horse named Nemo. Apparently he was really hungry and hard to get him to stop eating. On the trail it was mostly woods of trees and we saw more horses at barns. Then Nemo got scared of a green bag laying in the trail. Eli had a hard time to get him over the bag. And then the person who was there to help got Nemo moving again. It was very bumpy. I felt the wind on my face. It nearly made me fall asleep. It was as quiet as a dream. The only thing you could hear was the horse’s feet going clop clop clop on the ground. When the ride was over, I felt like Nemo should be my horse forever.

Piccies 003Piccies 041Piccies 065Piccies 074 



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