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Symphony + Soul

February 28, 2015

This afternoon we went on an excursion to Red Bank.


Eli and Lachie prepped themselves for the evening…
(the is a role-reversal to the norm – usually it is Eli that is asleep and Lachie on his device)

2015-02-28 15.19.062015-02-28 15.18.57

Our first stop was to the Count Basie theatre to listen to the NJ Symphony Orchestra for the “no shush” performance of the Land of Make Believe. Which was awesome as it meant Lachie could get up and dance! They played lots of classics  that we all knew including music from Cinderella, Romeo & Juliet, Nutcracker, Harry Potter, West Side Story…the hour passed in an instant.

2015-02-28 15.41.48 2015-02-28 15.54.44 2015-02-28 15.57.42 2015-02-28 16.38.35

Afterwards we went to a Community restaurant called the Soul Kitchen that is run by Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation as a non-profit. It was a great opportunity to discuss how important it is to be part of and give back to the community and still have a yummy meal.

2015-02-28 17.06.002015-02-28 18.01.532015-02-28 17.24.04

It was a fun little excursion 🙂

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