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Good or bad idea?

March 15, 2015

Soooo…today I thought Lachie, ELi and I would head off to the Great Swamp for a short mountain hike and a little Maple Sugaring….fun right? You tell me from the pictures???

2015-03-15 11.59.532015-03-15 11.59.592015-03-15 12.51.332015-03-15 13.15.012015-03-15 12.29.442015-03-15 13.19.08 - Copy

It was off to a good start when 30 seconds into the walk I turn around to look for Lachlan and he is walking through the snow in his socks!
Mum: What happened to your shoes Lach?
Lachlan: One came off.
Mum: But you have two shoes off?
Lachlan: It was easier to take the other one off than put the first one back on.
Mum: Aren’t you cold? and your socks are wet 😦
Lachlan: Yes, can we go home?
…meanwhile Eli had disappeared out of sight up the mountain path…

OK…so in case we weren’t sure it has now been confirmed…hiking in the cold weather and snow (even for yummy sweet stuff) may not be the best of ideas!

Lachlan thinks this is why they invented video games… 😦
Mum thinks it was nice to be outside 🙂


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