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Iceland Day 4: Husavik to Lake Myvatn

April 21, 2015

After a yummy breakky, the hostess kindly gave us some bread to feed the ducks at the creek behind the B&B 🙂

Photo 015Photo 013Photo 021Photo 022

Then we were off!


The morning took us back to the Ring Road at Akureyri via the Godafoss waterfall

Photo 026Photo 029

Around Akureyri (the second largest town in Iceland at 18,000 people)

Photo 052Photo 053Photo 061Photo 044

A look at their church (who was designed by the same guy who made the Reykjavic church)

Photo 041Photo 046Photo 048Photo 050

A trip to the shopping center for lunch

Photo 068Photo 069

We had planned a 25 minute flight to Grimsey Island on the arctic circle (oh yes it did have to be done!)
This map doesn’t show the curvature of the earth correctly, but Grimsey Island is the northern most point of Iceland.


Unfortunately we never made it, as after sitting around in the airport all afternoon watching our flight get delayed and delayed and delayed – it was cancelled 😦

So we headed to Lake Myvatn for the night.


With a little stop on the way at Skutaustadir, for a walk around the cute pseudocraters by Lake Myvatyn.

Photo 088Photo 086Photo 076Photo 089

We checked in to our cabin cute cabin by Lake Myvatn at Dimmuborgir 🙂

Photo 010Photo 006

Who can resist a dip in their local thermal baths before bed? not us! well usually but we got there and it was super windy and cold and the staff asked us if we were really going to take the children in???  so we balked and went for pizza (at the only open restaurant in the area!) instead. Here are some photos of the baths and those that were braver than us!

Photo 100Photo 101

So not the most successful of days – but fun and interesting none the less  🙂

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