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Our Ninja-bear turns 8!

May 9, 2015

Our gorgeous little bear turned 8 today!

Of course she got totally spoiled with pressies…

Photo 002Photo 020

The we went to the Tuscan Annual Fair…

IMG_20150509_112507322 2015-05-09 11.19.40

Then a fun trip into NYC with failed family photo attempts along the way…

2015-05-09 15.50.232015-05-09 15.51.49

…to a fun Ninja Restaurant. Beware! there is smoke, magic and Ninja’s jumping out when you least expect it!
(luckily mum packed Eli’s karate gear so that she could fit right in!)

2015-05-09 17.05.432015-05-09 17.06.142015-05-09 17.48.322015-05-09 18.07.002015-05-09 17.42.392015-05-09 17.55.132015-05-09 17.10.222015-05-09 18.49.22

Then the absolute highlight was a super-late ice-cream stop on the way home!

2015-05-09 21.03.222015-05-09 21.03.35

I am pretty sure it was the best birthday ever!

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