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Is all well that ends well?

August 29, 2015

So the trip home…

After a very smooth fabulous trip – we should have known there would be a hiccup somewhere!

Our flight was delayed two hours in total – but of course they gave us updates in 15 minute increments.

To start with – the airline couldn’t sit us together and told us not to worry, the air crew would help us on board. So we boarded our very late flight and our very grumpy crew did nothing to help. The other passengers refused to move and so whilst Lachie and I were sitting across an aisle from each other, Eli was in another row. Certainly not ideal. We were not off to a good start.

So our super cheap flight had us flying home via Dallas. Yes Dallas, Texas. We were meant to have two and three quarter hours in Dallas. However, as our flight was delayed we ended up having less than an hour to:

  • get off the plane – we were towards the back unfortuneately. We had suggested to the air hostess that anyone with a connecting flight should be allowed off first. She agreed but then did nothing about it when it was time to get off.
  • get through immigration.
  • find our bags
  • get through customs
  • check our bags back in
  • change terminals (yes you read that right – change terminals!)
  • get back through security
  • find our new gate
  • get dinner (thank you Golden Arches for coming through in a time of need yet again – speedy, hot & a crowd pleaser!)
  • go back to our gate and board our flight.

Eli & Lachie were little champions.
I gave them the challenge – and they ran and ran and ran and charmed people and ran – and we made it.

Eli & Lachie got home thinking they’d had a last minute adventure.
I got home needing another holiday 🙂

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