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Medieval Fathers Day

September 6, 2015

Happy Father’s Day Nathan!
This year we are celebrating Father’s day on the Australian Father’s day date as we missed American Father’s day flying to Australia. We spent it somewhere mid-Pacific ocean crossing the international date line…

After breakfast and gift/card giving…
(we have a family tradition of giving Nathan a flag for Father’s day – this year he got the NJ State flag)

Photos 120Photos 123

we headed to Sterling Forest New York for the NY Renaissance Faire.


Sterling Forest seems like such a fitting place for a medieval play ground.

Photos 009Photos 008Photos 010

We showed off our archery skills…

Photos 048Photos 034Photos 036

Fun actors…

Photos 019Photos 017

Saw some amazing fun shows – with sword throwing, fire whirling, whip cracking….

Photos 101 Photos 083

There were loads of themed games and shops…
(anyone want to buys some ears perhaps?)

Photos 022Photos 029Photos 078Photos 076

We climbed rocks until mum saw a snake – eek
(the snakes seem to be around this year 😦  )

Photos 052Photos 055

Tried not to disturb those sleeping there

Photos 061Photos 059


A Renaissance Faire is not complete without faire food like turkey legs (mmmm turkey…)

Photos 105Photos 104Photos 106

Failed to pull the sword out of the stone – but gave it a good go!
(whoever pulls the sword out of the stone shall be the rightful king of England!)

Photos 107Photos 109

Found Queens Landing before heading home.

Photos 020

It was lots of fun 🙂


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  1. Helen fraser permalink
    November 26, 2015 8:48 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful day out, and I love Eli’s costume

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