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The Friday Halloween

October 30, 2015

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year…so we get to celebrate it at school and in town on the Friday, and then trick-or-treat on the Saturday. It is awesome!

First there was the school parade….

2015-10-30 14.04.512015-10-30 14.05.082015-10-30 14.09.192015-10-30 14.20.21

Then the parties in our class rooms…

2015-10-30 13.55.342015-10-30 14.32.262015-10-30 13.58.162015-10-30 13.52.59 2015-10-30 14.50.25-2 2015-10-30 15.10.24

Then what to do?

2015-10-30 15.19.262015-10-30 15.19.41

Home time or down town where they block off the streets…I think you know which one E+L picked

2015-10-30 15.35.52 2015-10-30 15.56.41

Then home to recover via a little roll down the hill to wear off some sugar!

2015-10-30 16.19.512015-10-30 16.21.52

and the best part is – we get to do it all over again tomorrow!

2015-10-30 16.23.47 2015-10-30 16.40.33 2015-10-30 16.32.26

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