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Brooklyn Mini-break Day 1

November 5, 2015

Every November, the kids have two days off while the teachers have their NJ Education Conference. So we thought we’d take the days off too and head to … Brooklyn.

Yes Brooklyn is only a short drive away but with busy weekends these days it is hard to squeeze in our day trips any more – which is both a 🙂 and a 😦

The family became communters and took mum’s jitney (athough we took one in the 8’s not the 7’s o’clock).


We took the 8:45am jitney to the 9.03am train…


Then the subway across to Williamsburg – all in under an hour!

Our first stop was for a munchkins for E+L (for a fun start to the day and a few extra in case we needed to drip feed during the tour). With our tour starting outside Dunkin’ Donuts (and like usual we were there early) it was hard to resist the pleading looks to go in 🙂


From 10am until noon we did a fabulous Graffiti Walking tour of Williamsburg. It was amazing! The guy that took us around explained all of the different mediums, layering techniques, the history and all about the artists – we really learnt a lot!


We had lunch in Williamsburg at Allswell. (This is a chic burger place by the same guy as Spotted Pig)





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  1. Helen fraser permalink
    December 31, 2015 6:54 pm

    A graffiti walking tour! how interesting!

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