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Cinco De Mayo

May 5, 2016

So many reasons to break routine to celebrate go and out this week…

  • on Monday – Eli finished her (delayed) PARCC exams
  • on Tuesday -E+L made B a super yummy dinner (see photo below)
  • on Wednesday – E+L did a great job helping Janette (our sitter) when her car ran out of gas
  • on Thursday – it’s Cinco de Mayo – which calls for Mexican food (dad is away this week and mum doesn’t want to cook…)

E+L have been super good helpers this week and deserve a special treat (including ice-cream!)


Whilst at the restaurant, Lachie’s group leader from the Tuscan Show gave him the police hat from the show to keep. This is super cool as it is a prop from Blue Bloods (one of mum & dad’s favourite shows!!!)


this is the yummy dinner tht E+L made for mum – thanks guys xx IMG_8418

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