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Land of pizza and pasta here we come!

August 19, 2016

Off, off and away….
…of course we were up to midnight packing the final night at home
….of course mum spent her last lunchtime at work printing travel books
…of course there was excessive traffic on the way to the airport after school/work (We really should leave on Saturdays not Fridays!)
….of course there was a last minute scramble to the gate through long security lines
….of course the flight was then delayed

But at some point we made it! We were off 🙂

The kids know the drill, a rushed last minute dinner at the airport, walk around the airport to ensure they are super tired, climb on the flight, watch half a movie and make a feeble attempt at the airline dinner, roll over go to sleep and wake up ready for a new adventure of an airline breakfast and the last half of their movie!
E+L rock! They slept like champions! It definitely helped that we’d been super lucky and had been upgraded to premium economy (yes an extra 4 inches really does help!). Even beyond that – the plane had three seats in the middle and so we booked the two aisle seats (with an empty seat in the middle) hoping no one would book the center seat – and we were super lucky!!! No one did. So we had three seats between two – making for a super luxurious flight! YAY!

Let the adventure begin!


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  1. Helen fraser permalink
    December 9, 2016 3:36 am

    Elie and Lachie are seasoned travellers now…they know the drill!

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