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Verona to Cinque Terre

August 21, 2016

A traditional Italian breakfast of cold meats, cheese, pastries and coffee! Yum!

We had a great wander around Verona – which truly is a gorgeous little town.

photos-029photos-036photos-033 photos-038photos-042photos-044photos-051photos-055

Including seeing Juliette’s balcony which was a real highlight for Eli 🙂

photos-021 photos-025

Eli and Lachie both had a chance to catch Mr Mime (which is just unheard of in Pokemon Go circles!).

photos-010 photos-008

Then we headed to Cinque Terre – where parking again provided a challenge but not an insurmountable one!

We then caught the train between towns, and wandered up and down hills and around cute towns.


photos-063photos-076photos-078photos-067photos-062photos-070photos-080photos-064photos-082 photos-083


photos-090 photos-099photos-094photos-113photos-096photos-107

Where I think the highlight for E+L was the gelato, and for B+N certainly the views!

Finally off to the surrounding hills to the picturesque “serene” Monastero Santa Croce where we would spend the night in a monastery.


the view from our room was spectacular!


The monastery was not quite as Sound-Of-Music-esque as B had hoped, but probably too much so for BNE+L – so it was probably the right balance 🙂 A great experience 🙂


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