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August 23, 2016

With no alarm clocks set – we all slept in until 9:30am!!!


Particularly Nathan who had been up working until the wee hours including feeling the 6.2 Richter-scale earthquake 200 miles away that devastated the poor town of Armatrice.

The extra sleep gave us lots of energy to wander around town….


And had brunch where mum may have over-ordered in her best Italian! (or lack thereof Italian)

She “ordered a cheese and cold cuts platter for 3″ thinking the kids would love the cheese, only to find them raving over the salamis and mixed-meat cold-cuts, as opposed to the prosciutto, ham & cheeses.


Then we headed to Galleria degli Uffizi – which was filled with spectacular masterpieces.

photos-028photos-029photos-038 photos-070photos-040photos-055photos-058photos-053 photos-060

Hey guys, stand together and smile for a photo? Not quite what I had in mind…


Down time ….aka recharging batteries for you know what!

Then off for more gelato of course!
(any excuse is beginning to do – the stuff is that good!)


Then off to Galleria dell’Accademia with the main purpose we’ll unashamedly admit – is to see Michelangelo’s David – which met our incredibly high expectations. He carved it when he was 26 and it took him two years. It is incredible! At 5.1 meters high has the finest of fine details – right down to veins and finger nails.


Afterwards we found a little wine bar and introduced the kids to cocktail hour in the piazza 🙂


During cocktail hour we played a game called “20 guesses” – where you have to guess the person the other person is thinking of.
The best comment from the session:
L: you guys don’t know John Ceeno? The Beatles wrestler… Yes I think he’s still alive!

Afterwards we continued our wander around town


Then another Itailan meal…I wonder if we sill get sick of pizza and pasta before we leave? But we are certainly still going strong!


Finishing up with a nice long Pokemon Go stroll along the river bank…


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