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The tourist trail right? Venice to Accra

August 25, 2016

For our last morning in Venice, we were up early for breakfast….
(check out our cute little man)


A wander around the Pescaria and Fresh produce market at Mercado Rialto (check this!)


A final wander across the Grand Canal and Rialto bridge…

photos-004photos-035 photos-038photos-055photos-039photos-041photos-029photos-033photos-048

A final wander around Piazza San Marco


A litle last minute shopping for our shopper…


Before taking a Vaporetto to the airport…
(note for next time: whilst taking the Vaporetto is the scenic route…it takes a loooooong time!)


And grabbing a flight to Lisbon (where N got the jackpot of seats but was lucky enough to move!)

img_1191 img_1193

and then a second flight to Ghana. Finally to Uncle Jus’ house!!! We are so excited to see JP+G!!!



Edited to add some travel colour:
For memories sake, we really should remember our yellow fever experience that we needed to have to enter Ghana.
Bianca got hers ten years ago.
Nathan bravely took Eli & Lachie to the travel medical center whilst Bianca was in London for work. He managed to get all three of their shots and luckily they would be active for life.
Next stop, Accran immigration where you have to produce your yellow fever vaccination certificates. Four certificates were supplied – three were accepted, one was rejected. NE+L were waved through, B was sent to the waiting chair…  Apparently only yellow fever shots from the last few years are good for life, earlier ones expire after 10 years. Nervously B waited on one side of immigration, NE+L the other.
After half an hour B was told that the option was to pay 10 (in any currency euro, pound, usd, aud, …) or leave Ghana. B paid her USD 10, hoped for the best, got her shot and joined the NE+L. Phew!

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