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Accra – back to nature

August 28, 2016

Today Uncle Jus took us inland 🙂

2016-08-28-09-50-43 2016-08-28-09-02-29

We drove through colourful local villages


Shai Hills Resource Reserve

photos-060photos-088photos-093photos-094photos-118 photos-063

and rock climbing…
(Eli’s highlight of whole the trip)


with its bat cave

photos-116 photos-129 photos-140 photos-144

A few of the park’s locals


Homewards for a little chillaxing (yes Lachie we can play classic catches again!)


Dinner @Sky Bar with it’s magnificent view over Accra

2016-08-28-19-12-33 2016-08-28-17-14-492016-08-28-18-40-472016-08-28-17-33-32-hdr2016-08-28-18-39-192016-08-28-18-54-43

Another amazing day 🙂

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