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To go or not to go?

August 19, 2018

So dad is in India, and so we are headed to Mexico! (We’re meeting up with him next weekend). Why not right?
We had originally planned to go back to Nicaragua again, but given the riots & civil unrest – we changed our mind at last minute and headed to Mexico instead.

My first big adventure with just the kids – just the 3 of us. Fingers crossed everyone has fun 🙂

Every holiday has speed humps, we hadn’t even left home before we found the first one. Eli woke up with conjunctivitis 😦 Poor little bear 😦 What to do? Abort or go? We decided to go: because if we were in NJ we’d have to go to a doctor and then the pharmacy. In Mexico we could just go straight to the pharmacy. Easier right!?! Perhaps we could ask our airport transfer to add an extra stop to Valladolid, to have lunch and go to the pharmacy? Fingers crossed our Spanish gets us there….so we were off!

On the plus side (and we could use some at this point!!!) we got upgraded to Business/First class – now that is a better start to our holiday!

We arrived in Cancun to be met with cold water, roses (just for the girls sorry Lach!) and a Mercedes car – nice! We are definitely off to a classy start!

Smooth drive to Valladolid- lunch, ice cream in the park (poor Lachie dropped his) and a super fast & efficient visit to the farmacia for the eye medication. Gosh in the US we would have had to make a doctors appointment, go to appointment after no doubt waiting for a late-running doctor,  get a script, get script filled – easily could take a few hours. Mexico ~30 seconds 🙂

Back in the car to Our hotel Mayaland on the grounds at Chichen Itza. Magnificent!
A little down time to enjoy the hotel grounds, then a well deserved cocktail and dinner…

followed by a show at the Observatory…myths, legends and stars…all of which there were many!

Finally we watched the sun go down over Chichen Itza from our room. A big but ultimately successful first day 🙂

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