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Flamingos, Crocs and beaches

August 21, 2018

An early start to take a boat trip off Rio Lagartos.


we saw so so many FLAMINGOS….

other birds…
(herons, black hawks, sea gulls, etc)

crocs for L (as per his special request to the captain)

the boat was pretty comfy…

To see Las Coloradas – the pink (?) lake…

A swim at a beautiful desrted island beach…

the back to have lunch and check out the town…

Rush rush rush through lunch – only for the driver not to turn up (twice in 2 days – 2 different companies – we’re on a roll). After the other driver was an hour late, the hotel organized a taxi which took another hour to come…the joys of traveling. E+L were happy with guac and wifi 🙂 Then we were off on the drive Chiquila…

Ferry to Holbox (arrived 4 minutes before the next ferry departed – E&L sure go go go like little champions in need!). They wanted to sit up top – and of course we got totally saturated- but who cares when it causes that many giggles!

We happily arrived on Holbox – our home for the next four nights! Mum (?) was a little tired so we took a golf cart taxi to our hotel. Of course that meant E&L could do their fortnite dances briefly on the back!

Checked in, had a swim and tested out our new snorkels. Hallelujah! Sports gifts to to tired mums. Kids stay face down in pools for minutes on end giving mums moments of peace & quiet – hallelujah!

Dinner was in the garden at Roots Pizza….an awesome surprise – it was delicious!

Followed by a little ice cream stop (it is pretty hot after all!)

And then off to sleep:)

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