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Bethlehem and Banksy

April 21, 2019

After breakfast

We thought we’d get an Uber to Bethlehem

To see the nativity church where Christ was born…

A coffee break

Then a walk around Bethlehem

Before lunch. Then we tried to get an Uber home. Or a taxi. And found that as we were in a Palestinian territory the cars from Palestine can’t go into Israel, but can go in the other direction. So we found a very nice driver, who drove us to the border, via the Banksy street art.

Where we walked across and then caught a bus to the old city  & home. Thank goodness we were carrying our passports for the border check. So many thank good necesses. It was quite the adventure!

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  1. Helen Fraser permalink
    November 12, 2019 12:06 am

    What a wonderful experience

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