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January 15, 2017

A surprise visit from mum’s cousin Hugh!

It was great to see you 🙂

Hanging with the Crew

January 7, 2017

This is how Lachie is spending his weekends 🙂

…and loving it!

Old Havava to home

December 31, 2016

We were up early! It was our last morning and we are going to make the most of it!

We headed off to breakfast…however tummies were on edge and so we popped home for a bit. Poor tummies. Mum went to the supermarket to pick up some supplies but the shelves were empty of all but luxury items (perfume, soda, etc)

Luckily I found a well hidden but delicious bakery by following the crowds 🙂

We had a little rest and then we headed out again. The aim was to finish our holiday with a bang by going to the Museo de Revolucion! However  by the time we got there (our early start turned in to a less-early start) the queues at the Museo were way to long and so we went for a walk around the outside instead…

then back through town


where we found a dance school…so Lachie showed them how it was done!

a yummy lunch in a rooftop restaurant overlooking Havana….

Before our trip to the airport in a cool car…

and home to dad whom we missed terribly 😦

Farewell and thank you Cuba! What a fun and amazing place!
Thank you Aylin and Alanya for sharing in our adventure! It was so much more fun having you guys there too 🙂

Groovy Havana

December 30, 2016

After a yummy breakfast…

a few ever so-so-important selfies…


We were off exploring…due to the rain we decided on the hop-on-hop-off bus…

It was like going back time 50 years!

Then we had a walk around town


Past a church where we almost bought a dog

and further around town


to the best spaghetti bol restaurant in world (according to E+L!)

and then the walk back to our casa

for a rest before checking out a cafe
(we seemed to be too early for cocktail hour)



and then heading out for dinner…

a little dancing in the square

Museo del Chocolate for dessert

Our day in Havana was filled with music, art, character and yummy food. We couldn’t have asked for more!


Cayo Levisa to Habana

December 29, 2016

After a morning of playing…

It was good bye beautiful Cayo Levisa
(we saw the christning and maiden voyage of their new ferry too)

We headed to Old Havana

After checking into our Casa (Juan y Margarita) – where we had a view of the main street of old Havana….

we headed out for dinner

and a little wander around town 🙂

Before hitting the sack 🙂

Vinales to Cayo Levisa

December 28, 2016

We were up! We had a yummy breakfast in our casa…

After a cold shower and no wifi…we were off on a tour around the tobacco fields…

First stop the massive prehistoric mural

Then through the mogotes (limestone pin cushion hills)

Across fun muddy paths and bridges

to get to the tobacco fields
(on advice from the kids, we declined sampling or purchasing the product)

a little cave exploring

back to our horse + buggy

through town

back to our comfy abode 🙂
What a fabulous morning!

then it was time to head to Palma Rubia
(check out the guys machete in the first pic!)

to catch our ferry for Cayo Levisa

where we checked into our room

relaxed on the beach

Then we saw the evening out with a little dinner and dancing 🙂


Good night 🙂




Varadero to Vinales

December 27, 2016

After saying goodbye to Nathan (we had organised his transfer to be in an old car and city tour of Old Havana on his way to the airport)

…and then waiting for our non-existing tranfer after a mixup…

we crammed into the old car of a friend of the receptionist (eek!)

and we were off! Headed to the hills so to speak 🙂

Look at the sign above this soccer field – socialismo o muerte (socialism or death!)

anyone want to buy some garlic or onions?

Then we left the coastal route and headed inland – with a break at Las Terrazas

Before heading along more country roads…

To reach Vinales 🙂 A huge thank you to Carlos our driver and his fabulous chariot 🙂

We’d made it…to our home for the night Casa Cristina y Abel

After a little break we headed out for a yummy dinner…

and found churros

before bed 🙂 Another day exploring 🙂