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Last day in Jerusalem

April 21, 2019

Last day in Jerusalem – Time to see everything we haven’t seen that we want to see before we go…!

First stop, Temple Mount. The most holy of Muslim sights. It HAILED on us from the moment we got in line to visit, until we walked out the exit gate. Very strange.

Hot chocolate to warm up…

Birthplace of our Lady

Where Jesus fell on the cross

Lunch / snack time

The most holy site in Judaism – the Wailing Wall

rest time

Final wander around the old town


Final visit to Christ’s tomb

Light show at the city of David.

Good night 🙂


Wandering around the old quarter

April 21, 2019

After recovering from the earlier escapades, we wandering around the old quarter a little more

Through the Muslim quarter

Then through the Jewish quarter via the Wailing Wall


and then followed the half of the stations of the cross
(guess what we’ll do tomorrow – the other half!)

Before calling it a night after another busy & interesting day 🙂

Dear Evan

April 21, 2019

Daddy Daughter date into NYC to see Dear Evan Hansen whilst B+L are away 🙂

Bethlehem and Banksy

April 21, 2019

After breakfast

We thought we’d get an Uber to Bethlehem

To see the nativity church where Christ was born…

A coffee break

Then a walk around Bethlehem

Before lunch. Then we tried to get an Uber home. Or a taxi. And found that as we were in a Palestinian territory the cars from Palestine can’t go into Israel, but can go in the other direction. So we found a very nice driver, who drove us to the border, via the Banksy street art.

Where we walked across and then caught a bus to the old city  & home. Thank goodness we were carrying our passports for the border check. So many thank good necesses. It was quite the adventure!

Mmmm chocolate bunnies

April 21, 2019

He founds us!  Happy Easter!

Dead Sea to Jerusalem

April 19, 2019

First we walked across the border crossing.

Then we drove

to the dead sea

Unfortunately Masada was closed for the public holiday

Next we made it to Mt Olive to view the old city of Jerusalem from the distance…

Then into the Old City Walls to our hotel where we would stay for the next few days:)

A quick wander around to find dinner…

…and of course we couldn’t help ourselves from taking a sneak peak at the Church of the Holy Sepulchure

before heading back to our hotel and calling it a night

Wadi Rum, Jordan

April 18, 2019

This morning we left Petra

For Wadi Rum desert

Then back the border ready for our crossing in the morning 🙂