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…back to breakin’ again

May 1, 2019

Back at breakin’ and preparing for the end of year show

Oyster Bar Traditions

May 1, 2019

In keeping with the tradition of the DJs Oyster Bar that mum used to take me to when I was at Boarding school, I met mum & Chloe for lunch at the Grand Central Oyster Bar – yummo!

Go Grey Dogs

April 29, 2019

Go Grey Dogs!!! Eli’s 2019 Rec team 🙂

Singing and Dancing

April 27, 2019

So we took a little trip into the city.

A lunch of Shake Shack for the real US experience

A little dancing…

Then we settled in for the rowdy yet fun A Cappella 2019 finals
(channeling our inner Pitch Perfect)

A fun night!

Mmmm Sushi

April 24, 2019

We saw dad briefly before he headed off to Australia (and then UK and then India) for a work trip.

Meanwhile sushi lovers came to stay … a family favourite 🙂


Last Day to See of Galilee Nazareth!

April 22, 2019

Our last day in Israel we decided to make the most of our time as there was still so much to see! We hired a Christian site guide & were off!

First stop to see the site of the good Samaritan

Qasr El Yahud -Jesus Baptism Site
(unlike the crowds, none of us were game to get in the stream)

Through the Jordan Valley with a short hike at the Roman Bridge

and a nice view of the Sea of Galilee


The Ancient Galilee Boat church

The Ancient Galilee Boat Museum

St. Peter’ Primacy Site at the Lake of Galilee


Capharnaum – The town of Jesus

Mount Beatitudes Monastery

Dinner, to the airport & home to Eli & Dad 🙂

Wow we saw so much – Israel may be a small country but it is jam-packed with historical sites & action! Thanks for having us 🙂


Last day in Jerusalem

April 21, 2019

Last day in Jerusalem – Time to see everything we haven’t seen that we want to see before we go…!

First stop, Temple Mount. The most holy of Muslim sights. It HAILED on us from the moment we got in line to visit, until we walked out the exit gate. Very strange.

Hot chocolate to warm up…

Birthplace of our Lady

Where Jesus fell on the cross

Lunch / snack time

The most holy site in Judaism – the Wailing Wall

rest time

Final wander around the old town


Final visit to Christ’s tomb

Light show at the city of David.

Good night 🙂