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Fun in the Park

July 28, 2008

Now that I can walk, going to the park has become a regular part of our weekends. This is video from of our first visits early in July.

The more Mum & Dad get out of the way, the more fun I have. First I had to get them used to the idea that dirt really wasn’t that bad to wear (or eat). Now, I have to convince them that they don’t have to control every swing and slide. I took my first big leap in that direction on the weekend… They were coddling me on the slippery dip, doing everything possible to ensure I didn’t fall. Then we went on the swing, which was fun. After getting off the swing, I walked 20m back over to the top of the slippery dip, climbed on and pushed myself off to slide down. Dad had rushed around to wait at the bottom, but I didn’t need him. I came to a nice stop and gave him a huge proud grin.

I think they got the point, as Mum & Dad then started jumping around, giving me kisses and generally embarrassing me in public.

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